Like Father, Like Sons

Like Father

Posted By: Pat Nelson / Jan 08 2016

Aliso Viejo, Calif. – With generations of expertise behind them, Patrick and Brian Nelson, co-presidents and principals of Nelson Brothers Professional Real Estate, seem as though they were destined for real estate. Their grandfather and his four brothers started Nelson Brothers Construction Company in 1946 in Salt Lake City which they still own. Brian and Patrick’s father also made his living in the real estate industry, originally as a sales manager at the master planned community of Mission Viejo.

The brothers, who both possess MBAs, had different career goals and had at first wanted to move away from real estate due to the cyclical fluctuations of the industry. Then seeing an opportunity with the 1031 Exchange market in 2004, they both joined forces and created their own company as a broker-dealer enjoying success by raising money for real estate syndications.

Their firm raised around $100 million in student housing equity before taking the next step in starting their own sponsorship after the real estate crises came in 2007. Like many first time entrepreneurs starting a new venture, they started small keeping overhead low by operating business out of an apartment and enlisting the help of their family members in making phone calls, sending out mailers and setting appointments.

Since that time, the company has expanded their operation from real estate investments into property management and construction and development. They now manage more than $350 million in acquisitions with 25 properties in 9 states and employ more than 150 staff and managers across the country.

Like many forward thinkers, their longer term goal is to become a $1 billion company with the philosophy of looking for the best located properties at major universities and keeping true to the same philosophy of hard work and focus that their father and grandfather had in creating a family legacy.